SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, but simply represents the monitoring and control systems implemented in a number of industrial control industries. ICS (Industrial Control Systems) spans industries such as energy, manufacturing, telecommunications, transportation and many more of the systems we rely on to manage infrastructure across the globe. As many of these systems were manufactured and developed decades ago, and are installed in critical industries, they too often run legacy operating systems and software, which is rarely, if ever, updated. Given the criticality of the systems under the scope of ICS and SCADA, security is a massive concern, especially with network and internet-connected devices. McAfee Advanced Threat Research analyzes and exposes security weaknesses in this important industry to drive momentum and increase industry awareness.

Industry Resources

History of Industrial Control System Cyber Incidents

For many years malicious cyber actors have been targeting the industrial control systems (ICS) that manage our critical infrastructures.

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