Secure applications and data in the public cloud

Company data and applications running on someone else’s infrastructure, such as AWS, can create confusion about who is responsible for what, how to secure your data, and ensuring compliance. This varied infrastructure can be a burden for IT to discover usage and centrally secure data, traffic, and applications across all clouds.

Public cloud security products from McAfee deliver centralized visibility and control over your data and workloads in the cloud, providing advanced protection that accelerates your business through secure cloud adoption.

Enable secure public cloud adoption

Cloud Visibility

Both sanctioned and shadow IT resources are in every enterprise environment, causing inconsistent assessments of enterprise risk. McAfee helps you gain a better understanding of your entire cloud environment across all your cloud deployments.

Threat Defense

Cloud services, whether providing infrastructure, platforms, or applications, require a different approach to security. Your threat protection must align to these new models, adapting to cloud environments that sit outside your traditional network perimeter.

Data Protection

As a customer of a cloud service provider, you are responsible for securing your data. While shadow IT and misconfigurations add to the challenge, cloud access security broker (CASB) technology delivers essential cloud-native data loss prevention.

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