Stopping advanced, targeted threats

Staying ahead of cybercriminals requires adapting and automating, and that can be difficult if you depend on siloed point products that can’t communicate.

To implement appropriate countermeasures, you need a new approach—one that includes advanced detection and response technology, robust threat intelligence sharing, and true integration and automation capabilities.

McAfee is changing the way enterprises protect against potential attacks, remediate complex security issues, and combat attacks with an intelligent end-to-end security platform that provides adaptable, continuous protection.

Evolving threats require an integrated defense

Detect and Correct

Protect endpoints from advanced and emerging threats. Endpoint detection and response technology enables faster threat detection and rapid remediation.

Gain Better Visibility

Get visibility into endpoint activity across your infrastructure and quickly identify advanced threats that get past traditional endpoint security. Increase the control and security of your intellectual property and data.

Reduce IT Costs

Remove redundant or siloed technologies in favor of solutions that work together, enable automation, and share threat information to improve protection and lower operational costs.

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