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Cloud-Native: The Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Adoption and Risk Report

This McAfee research report explores the current state of IaaS usage and whether enterprises are sufficiently prepared to protect their users and their valuable data against cloud-native breaches.

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McAfee Web Gateway

Get the critical defenses you need to protect your organization against emerging malware threats with McAfee Web Gateway. Empower your organization with secure internet access while greatly reducing risk through the powerful combination of local and cloud-based protection.

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McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service

Unlike traditional URL filtering and signature-based approaches to preventing web threats, McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service protects endpoints from zero-day and fileless malware through in-line emulation of files, JavaScript, and HTML.

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McAfee Web Gateway Specifications Sheet

See detailed hardware, environmental, and safety specifications for the McAfee Web Gateway E-model appliances.

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McAfee Web Protection

For the ultimate in deployment flexibility and to help future-proof your investment, McAfee offers all features of McAfee Web Gateway and McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service in a single solution: McAfee Web Protection.

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Not Today Zero-Day

By adding McAfee Web Protection with in-line file and code emulation to your web security, you can block approximately 99.5% of malware from the web, radically reducing the time and resources you need to spend cleaning up successful intrusions.

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