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Uniform data center security standards for elastic environments

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Visibility and data center security across ever-expanding clouds

Your data center security architecture has transformed. Your hybrid data center is now made up of both physical and virtual deployments, with an ongoing shift to both private and public cloud infrastructure, which brings business agility and operational efficiencies. But ensuring that you have complete data center security, including visibility and control across all the resulting fragmented environments is challenging.

McAfee provides a consolidated approach to securing your cloud and data center transformation with full visibility and control that reaches all corners of your hybrid infrastructures. From physical and virtual environments to cloud services, including private and public clouds, our connected architecture orchestrates technologies to help simplify your security operations. Our vision is to provide integrated automation of data center security with true single-pane manageability across the hybrid cloud.

Gain visibility and centralized control of your data center


Gain visibility

Expand visibility into cloud operations and workloads for optimal data center security. Identify IaaS, SaaS, and private cloud services, monitor how that data is being used, uncover Shadow IT, and protect your workloads with a common set of security policies.


Easily scale and embrace new technologies

Support new devices, applications, and cloud services without introducing security risks or unnecessary operational friction to your data center. Meet demand for access to these cutting-edge technologies without the need for additional IT staff.


Deploy security built for hybrid architectures

Get complete data center security, from traditional on-premises data centers to private and public cloud solutions, by securing your entire corporate IT infrastructure across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.


Unify security management

Keep operational data center security costs down and defensive posture up with uniform security management across traditional infrastructures as well as private, public, and hybrid clouds. McAfee’s unified approach enables centralized and consistent management of security across heterogeneous compute environments to simplify security operations.

Our Data Center Security and Cloud Defense offerings

Discover and block sophisticated threats in your network—whether that’s physical, virtual, or in the cloud. By leveraging multiple integrated advanced detection techniques, McAfee Network Security Platform (IPS) defends against never-before-seen attacks, while providing robust investigative workflows that help you minimize alert noise and find breaches quicker.

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Gain visibility and control over your cloud network traffic. Protect against inter-workload attacks and enable micro-segmentation to further harden your cloud deployment. Start by testing McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform in AWS for free.

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Discover workloads, protect servers, and expand into the cloud. Build deep server security and efficient compliance practices around business-critical servers, whether they exist in physical or virtual environments, on premises, or in the cloud.

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Identify sophisticated malware and convert threat information into action and protection. These solutions optimize existing security investments by enhancing detection with advanced malware inspection techniques, including in-depth static code analysis and machine learning that improve sandboxing capabilities and broaden detection of highly camouflaged, evasive threats.

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Combine global threat information with locally collected intelligence and share it instantly, allowing your security solutions to operate as one.

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The pillars of Data Center Security and Cloud Defense

Hybrid Cloud Security

As your data center evolves, ensure you integrate data center security across your private and public cloud environments with common security policies and a central security management platform.

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Private Cloud Security

Power your transformation to a highly virtualized, software-defined data center with visibility and integrated data center security architected into all workloads.

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Public Cloud Security

Obtain visibility of SaaS applications, IaaS workloads, and where your sensitive data resides in the public cloud. Control access to cloud services, protect your workloads, and secure your data in the public cloud.

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