Services to help implement products efficiently and design strong security posture

McAfee Consulting Services, delivered by security experts, provide a wide range of solution services and advanced cyber threat services designed around all stages of the security lifecycle. With our consulting services portfolio, we will help you to gain more expertise, improve your efficiency, and strengthen your security posture and cyber resilience.

Choose from a variety of solution services and advanced cyber threat services and get the most from your McAfee solutions, resulting in improved security outcomes and defensible investments.

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Solution Services

Is your team pushed past their limits? Leverage our solution services to help ensure your security products are effectively deployed, integrated, assessed, and optimized in relation to your security strategy.

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Advanced Cyber Threat Services

Is your security staff sharp and well-informed? Use our advanced cyber threat services to help you design strong security programs and enforceable policies for your enterprise.

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Our team of security experts

The McAfee Consulting Services team brings collective decades of product and security expertise across various industries. Among these global security experts are security-certified professionals, speakers at major conferences, and respected instructors.

Hundreds Hours Annually
15 Years Tenure

Services that help you solve challenges

Solution and strategic security services help extend your expertise, accelerate your time to value, and maximize your investment.

Extend Your Expertise

With the current cybersecurity talent shortage, we deliver the right mix of services and security domain expertise to support your security needs, while helping augment your staff and build your knowledge and proficiency.

Accelerate Your Time to Value

With intensifying demands and evolving threats hindering your ability to keep pace, we help you deliver your security projects more quickly and efficiently, while helping you save time, lower costs, and reduce risks.

Maximize Your Investment

With the increase in threats, your ability to defend your investments is lowered. We provide an array of services and capabilities to help you get the most from your products and better preempt security breaches.

Free security tools

At McAfee, we are committed to helping increase enterprise security whether or not you use our products or solutions. To foster a safer online experience for all, we offer a variety of free penetration testing and digital forensics tools to enhance your software development efforts. For more details, read the Free Tools End User License Agreement.

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