Why Customers Choose Us over CrowdStrike

Proven at scale in the largest SOCs, we deliver earlier, better protection across all phases of the attack chain with the most comprehensive set of security controls and control points in the industry.

Integrated Pre-Emptive Protection
with Early Effective Prevention

  • CrowdStrike​

  • Lags industry in endpoint protection and prevention – Stopped only 70% of threats and allowed over 50% of attack chain steps to execute in latest MITRE Engenuity testing
  • Cannot stop threats before they land on your endpoints and proliferate throughout your network and multi-cloud infrastructure – PDF and DOC files are among several filetypes that users must open to trigger any protective actions
  • Completely misses over 90% of attacks against your organization without third-party support
  • McAfee Enterprise & FireEye

  • Leads industry in endpoint protection and prevention – Stopped all threats earlier in the attack chain than any other security vendor​
  • Prevents threats from getting a foothold early and effectively – Defense-in-depth with advanced web protection, host-based firewall, IPS, and pre-execution analysis in addition to machine learning before a threat touches your endpoint
  • Award-winning protection against advanced email threats – Fully integrated into XDR platform for additional context and threat intelligence against the most prevalent attack vector

A Platform to Address Your
Strategic Security Initiatives

  • CrowdStrike

  • No data protection capabilities or roadmap to support your Zero Trust, SASE/SSE, and other initiatives – Recent weak entrant into data protection market with very limited endpoint encryption​
  • Lacks the breadth of security controls to provide visibility into or protection against most significant risks – Gaps must be covered by pricey add-ons and third-party products
  • Cannot support unmanaged devices or other dynamic Trust access as part of your Work from Home and Zero Trust needs
  • McAfee Enterprise & FireEye

  • Best-in-class multi-vector data protection fully integrated into SSE and XDR platforms – Delivers full visibility and control for data protection as market leader in 2021 Forrester Wave for Unstructured Data
  • Provides out of the box integrated data and threat protection across endpoint, email, network, web, cloud, and workloads
  • Device to cloud integration of data and threat protection and telemetry for complete contextual Trust analytics and security – Leading tech like fully integrated Remote Browser Isolation allow for the broadest set of Trust levels and access

Comprehensive Visibility
and Control of Your SOC

  • CrowdStrike​

  • Real-world test results will require your Falcon-fed SOC to prepare for a flood of compromised systems and false positives – CrowdStrike has had more compromised systems in the last three years of SE Labs testing than almost every other vendor and stopped participating in AV-Test in 2019 after a bad false positive track record
  • Lacks even basic SIEM functionality and offers a limited SOAR framework focused on Falcon orchestration
  • Lacks advanced automated capabilities to reduce IR Analyst workloads
  • McAfee Enterprise & FireEye

  • Pre-emptive, early, and effective prevention and XDR integration limit your downstream SOC demands and deliver more confident telemetry to your IR Analysts – Our Endpoint Protection Platform has 14 straight quarters of SE Labs AAA test results and has been a top performer across 9 AV-Test results over the past two years
  • Helix (SIEM+) and Security Orchestrator (SOAR) are proven pillars of our customer SOC and XDR deployments
  • AI-guided investigations and proven SIEM+SOAR backbone make SOC workloads manageable

Operational Management
and Automation at Scale

  • CrowdStrike​

  • Lacks capability to deliver automated deployment, security management, and threat remediation at scale – In fact, customers can and have used ePO to uninstall CrowdStrike
  • Increases endpoint risk unpredictably by falling into Reduced Functionality Mode (RFM) during patching that involves Windows OS kernel changes
  • Demonstrated the worst agent performance and resource utilization in a recent PassMark software test
  • McAfee Enterprise & FireEye

  • The only company in the industry with a dedicated security management, orchestration, and automation platform – We become core to your workflow, extending orchestration to the rest of your security ecosystem and patching needs
  • Our XDR architecture delivers optimized and seamless updates without loss of protection long before Microsoft patches are available
  • Delivered the best agent performance and resource optimization in the PassMark test, surpassing even Microsoft’s native security

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