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Security from device to cloud

Over 90% of organizations around the world use cloud services.1 From IT departments looking for a more cost-effective way to serve employees and customers, to business units signing up for the latest productivity app, the cloud is here to stay. Now, IT faces managing the interaction between cloud services and the numerous devices that connect to them. The key is security that focuses on those two control points—devices and the cloud—to securely accelerate your business’ digital transformation.

To enable this transformation, you need to change security from a barrier to an enabler of cloud adoption. Simply blocking cloud adoption won’t work, as evidenced by shadow IT averting oversight altogether. But that doesn’t mean defending the organization against threats and preventing data loss is forgone in the cloud. It’s more important than ever with your critical assets in the hands of third-party cloud service providers. In fact, they take protecting your assets seriously too, sharing significant security responsibility. The change is your responsibility. The change is cultural. Device-to-cloud security means protecting cloud environments from the start—whether adding security to an automated workload deployment, or applying data loss prevention policies to a new cloud app the first time it’s accessed.

With end-to-end security designed for the modern enterprise architecture, McAfee cloud security solutions deliver security from devices to the cloud with common management, advanced threat protection, data loss prevention, and a platform that supports an open ecosystem, turning the cloud into the most secure environment for your business.

¹McAfee, “Building Trust in a Cloudy Sky”


The State of Cloud Adoption and Security

While most organizations are using the cloud, nearly everyone is in a different state of defense maturity. Learn how your peers around the world plan to secure their own cloud architecture.

You are always responsible for protecting some parts of your cloud.

Find out how much you need to do to secure your cloud architecture.

How do I secure my cloud?

Embracing secure cloud services can accelerate your business, but moving data and processes to the cloud also increases your potential exposure to threats. McAfee cloud security solutions allow enterprises to secure networks, workloads, and data in the cloud and defend against threats in SaaS applications, infrastructure and platform as a service (IaaS and PaaS), and custom applications—whether they are IT-sanctioned cloud apps or deployed as shadow IT. Explore the pages below to learn more about our cloud security solutions.


Skyhigh Security Cloud

Skyhigh Security Cloud protects your valuable data where it lives today, with a cloud access security broker (CASB) solution built natively in the cloud, for the cloud.

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Hybrid Cloud Security

As your data center extends out to the public cloud while remaining partially on premises, new security challenges arise. Learn how to maintain visibility, one place to manage security policy, and equal protection.

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Private Cloud Security

Virtualization has taken a leap into the software-defined data center (SDDC), bringing both optimized security and new and critical gaps to fill. Learn about security optimized for private clouds and the SDDC.

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Public Cloud Security

In the public cloud, visibility into your end user’s adoption and protecting sensitive data are top priority. The good news? Many of your existing security practices, including server protection, private cloud security, and data protection can be efficiently extended to the public cloud.

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Learn more about our cloud security solutions


Building Trust in a Cloudy Sky: Executive Infographic

1,400 IT Security professionals from around the be report their organizations have been adopting cloud at a rapid pace and trusting more sensitive data to reside there. This infographic reveals the latest trends in cloud adoption and security challenges of enterprises.

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Questions to Ask Your Cloud Service Provider

When vetting a cloud or SaaS provider, it is imperative to find out how they handle data security and privacy.

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Five Considerations for Securing Hybrid Clouds

Enterprise Strategy Group gives their perspective on exactly what you need to know about protecting hybrid clouds.

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As your infrastructure adapts to the cloud-centric model of IT, so must your security. Migrating to the cloud doesn’t mean your organization needs to sacrifice visibility and control of security and IT operations. You need a cloud security solution as agile as your new environment. McAfee cloud security solutions provide visibility into your cloud services and simplify security management all while protecting your cloud deployments.

Regardless of where your data resides, we can protect your cloud with our hybrid, private, or public cloud security solutions.

If your infrastructure is split between the cloud and on premises, hybrid cloud security solutions can bridge the gap without introducing time-constraining complexity. Keep your operational costs down while securing all aspects of your hybrid infrastructure from advanced threats. Scale our hybrid cloud security as your cloud deployment needs evolve while maintaining consistent visibility and unified security management. 

The private cloud and software-defined data center (SDDC) allows dynamic workloads to run on virtualized infrastructure, but creates obstacles that traditional security solutions are not built to overcome. You don’t have to lose control over virtualized infrastructure, like virtual networks, in exchange for the benefits of the private cloud. Our private cloud security solutions delivers network visibility, efficient security management, and can help you meet compliance goals.

Migration to the public cloud means your organization is obligated to secure your data at a minimum, and in the case of IaaS, your applications, operating systems, and often virtual network. McAfee public cloud security solutions allow you to extend your existing private cloud security, server, and data protection to the public cloud, ensuring the infrastructure run by third parties such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure remains secure.

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